Being educated about concussion care can save your child's life.

You've probably seen a concussion happen right in front of your eyes. If it were your child, would you know what to do?

If you're not your child's concussion care advocate, who is? Download the Parent's Resource Kit for Concussion Care and get empowered with:

  1. Concussion Signs and Symptoms - a printable reference for suspected concussions;
  2. Return to Activity Strategy - a 9-step printable reference for returning to learn and play after a concussion;
  3. Educational Accommodations Checklist - a form to request modifications in attendance, breaks, stimuli, school work, testing, and other areas for children recovering from concussions.

Was your child tested for concussion before?

If your child was tested with ImPACT or ImPACT Pediatric, you should have received a Passport ID.

ImPACT Passport

Be in the know with the FREE app ImPACT Passport!

  • Safely store your child's concussion test ID.
  • Report your child's symptoms.
  • Grant your healthcare provider access to your child's baseline or post-injury test results when needed.

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